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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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London, July 7, 1742.
WELL! you may bid the Secret Committee good night. The House adjourns to-day till Tuesday, and on Thursday is to be prorogued. Yesterday we had a bill of Pulteney's, about returning officers and regulating elections: the House was thin, and he carried it by 93 to 92. Mr. Pelham was not there, and Winnington did not vote, for the gentleman is testy still; when he saw how near he had been to losing it, he said loud enough to be heard, ' I will make the gentlemen of that side feel me !' and, rising up, he said, ' He was astonished, that a bill so calculated for the freedom of elections was so near being thrown out; that there was a report on the table, which showed how necessary such a bill was, and that though we had not time this year to consider what was proper to be done in consequence of it, he hoped we should next,'—with much to the same purpose; but all the effect this notable speech had, was to frighten my uncle, and make him give two or three shrugs extraordinary to his breeches. They now say, that Pulteney will not take out the patent for his earldom, but remain in the House of Commons in terrorem1; however, all his friends are to have places immediately, or, as the fashion of expressing it is, 'they are to go to Court in the Bath coach?!'
Your relation Cruise3 is arrived from Carthagena, madder
LBTTES 87.—^ Sir E. W., to defeat Pulteney's ambition, persuaded the King to insist on his going into the House of Lords : the day he carried his patent thither, he flung it upon the floor in a passion, and could scarce be prevailed on to have it passed. Walpole.
2 His title was to be Earl of Bath. Walpole.
3 General Cruise, a very brave officer, but apt to romance; and a great connoisseur in pictures. Walpole.—John Guise (d. 1765) served under Marlborough, and on the Vigo expedition of 1719. He was probably related to Mann through the mother of the latter, Eleanor, daughter of Christopher Guise, of Abbot's Court, Gloucestershire.